RPE INDIA 2019 Day 5

The last day of our yatra saw yet another early rise and back on the coach to Delhi. Lunch in Connaught Square prepared us for our visit to the largest mosque in India the Jamal Masjid on the outskirts of the ancient city, a vast 16th century Moghul Mosques with stunning domes and minarets. The trip was finally rounded off with a an indulgence in the material world and a shopping spree through the stalls of the Janpath street market. This was essentially the end of what has proved to be one of the most important experiences of our lives to date, the trip was short but intense and we have set the foundations for many more such odysseys in the furure…Jai Mata Bharat and pranam.


Matthew Ormerod says:

Every day offered something completely different so its impossible to extract a highlight. What I can say though is that it left a great impression on me and there is no doubt that I will be returning to continue the adventure! Thank you to everyone who helped put this together for us but especially Martin who looked after us in some very unique surroundings! (can we go back next week?!)

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