ISKCON and GLOS RPE discuss climate change.

Students had the pleasure of meeting with three Bhaktas from the Welsh (Cardiff) International Society of Krishna Consciousness temple community last Monday. As part of the ongoing theme of how religion engages with the climate change emergency the monks, lead by Rohini, began the session with kirtan, of the singing of the Hare Krishna chant (nama japa) accompanied by harmonium, symbols and drum which certainly lent an air of calm to the room and those present. Rohini then delivered an informative seminar on how ISKCON view the climate change emergency in general giving examples of ISKCON lead sustainable living projects and approaches to the environment in general. It soon became clear that their general take on the situation was underpinned by a very clear and direct spiritual position and that blame should not be apportioned for the past but that individual and collective action should be taken for a sustainable future. Needless to say the philosophy of non harming and healthy vegetarian diet may be key to this approach, something fully promoted by ISKCON. This was an uplifting and informative session, I myself took receipt of 18 volumes of the Srimad Bhagavatam which I look forward to tackling over the next few years. 

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