Uni Glos RPE Guest Speakers: Christian Curate, Eco-Activist.

This week our students were joined by Laura Downs (on the right hand side of the picture) of the Portishead Parish, just outside Bristol. Laura has been very much involved in a number of sustainable projects in the region and is a passionate advocate of direct, non violent action aimed at addressing the climate crisis that we are currently facing. She has been involved in direct actions with Extinction Rebellion as well as more localised sustainable projects and actions. Laura presented a really interesting over view of Christian and Biblical approaches to the natural world and spoke to students about the political, social and religious obligations and ideologies that have underpinned her activism. Some of our students hope to work with Laura and the community that she is involved in for their Engaging Humanities projects. Here they will aim to produce outward facing research that will feed in to Laura’s work as well as providing them with the opportunity to engage with active field research…even if its is mostly virtual.

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