Uni Glos RPE Guest Speakers: Pure Land Buddhist and Environmental Activist Satya Robyn.

As part of our ongoing program of guest speakers who are joining us to discuss religion, philosophy and ethics in terms of social justice and ecological sustainability we were fortunate to be joined by Satya Robyn a practicing and ordained Pure Land Buddhist and founding member of XR Buddhists in the UK. This was an excellent session where students found out about Satya’s motivations and experiences as an active member of Extinction Rebellion. She spoke insightfully about the movement and her involvement in frontline of actions such as those of October 2019 in Trafalgar Square where she organised group meditations as the police helicopters whirled overhead. We were also given a great insight in to the general Buddhist understanding of and relation to the environment. This was a very personal and insightful exploration of faith, practice and the ethical motivation of Buddhists and Buddhism to get fully involved in the wider socially engaged Buddhism movement. I would like to thank Satya for her contributions to our understanding of the urgency of the situation that we find ourselves in.

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