The Baha’i community are Uni Glos Religion, Philosophy an Ethics Guest Speakers: Sustainability and the Environmental Crisis

This week students involved in examining the relationship between various religious communities and their response to the current environmental crisis we provided with a really interesting and interactive session on the Baha’i tradition and the various projects that they are involved in this respect. We were given an introduction to a number of aspects of the faith and then we were transported to Norway (sadly only by Teams) where we spoke to Victoria Thoresen who had worked as the Baha’i representative on a number of United Nations initiatives concerning international education and sustainability. We were then given an insight into the work of Stephen Vickers and Terra Sprague, prominent Baha’i members, in terms of reforestation projects in Haiti and re-generating coral reefs in the South pacific respectively. Overall, this was a great session and students were offered a number of opportunities and platforms to look in to and research for their outward facing project work.

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