Uni Glos Religion, Philosophy an Ethics Guest Speakers: Rev. Simon Witcombe

This week RPE students at the University of Gloucestershire were invited to have a discussion with the Rev. Simon Witcombe the university chaplain about the nature of sacred space on the University campus. He provided us with a fascinating history of the Francis Close Campus chapel and spoke insightfully about its place in the spiritual, religious and secular life of the university. We also discussed the issues that surrounded the development of the Sanctuary space on the side of the chapel which is a space open to those of any faith or none. There were, it seems, a number of interesting issues involved in the negotiation of this space in terms of making it a welcoming and inclusive space for all, irrespective of race, gender and religion. However, Simon and the team of university chaplains have succeeded in creating an vibrant space for all and it is a centre for discussion, relaxation and spiritual energising for students from a number of diverse spiritual and religious backgrounds, and indeed those with none.

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