UFO Religions at Uni of Glos with Guest Speaker Eric Ostling (Stockholm University)

That was an excellent session! Eric Ostling of Stockholm University joined us in cyberspace last week to guide level 6 students through the cosmologically mind bending universe of UFO religions. Eric, who has been involved in a number of research projects and published widely on the diversity of UFO traditions spoke about abduction theory, pop culture, Roswell and the almost missionary nature of this variety of religion and spirituality. It was fascinating to gain an insight into such traditions as the Raelians and Heavens Gate, the nature of releasing oneself from these corporeal bonds and the subject of human cloning. We also discussed the belief that sooner or later spiritually minded entities from other regions of the universe would eventually help us earthbound humans out of the terrible mess that we have made of our own society and the environment…we can only hope they make an appearance soon. Many thanks Eric, it is always a pleasure.

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