Uni Glos RPE host ISKCON spokespersons

This week level 4 students were fortunate to meet Radha Mohan Das and Nila Madhva Das from the International Society of Krishna Consciousness’ main temple and headquarters for the tradition in the UK, Bhaktivedanta Manor. We were immersed in to a world of Krishna devotion and practice. Both spokespersons guided the students through the often complex but wonderfully diverse world of Hinduism then engaged us in a debate as to whether Hinduism is really an appropriate term to use when discussing ISKCON thinking, belief and practice. We were given an excellent account of the life, travels and writings of the the tradition’s founder Srila Prabhupada (A.C. Bhaktivedanta) and both Radha Mohan and Nila Madhva were generous, engaging and intellectually stimulating in their presentation and the feedback from the students was enormously positive. Hare Krishna.

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