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Is the Problem of Evil a barrier to belief?

A religiously ambiguous universe may be compatible with our concept of God – so much so that some say that God has so made the world that he cannot be conclusively proved. The problem of evil is different,…

Roy Jackson on Classical Theism

What is classical theism? Interview with Dr Roy Jackson at the University of Gloucestershire..

Aquinas, Change and Perfection

A teacher wrote: “We were discussing the classical idea of God as immutable and impassible – one of my students asked how Aquinas squared these attributes with scriptural testimony to His being moved to pity (by Hannah’s request for a…

Paradox of Omnipotence?

  Dr David Webster answers a question sent in via Twitter: Does the problem of God creating a weight He can’t lift show the incoherence of omnipotency? 

What is Classical Theism?

Roy Jackson from the University of Gloucestershire offers a definition of ‘Classical Theism’

Dr Roy Jackson on 'God'

Roy addresses some issues sent in by RE teachers and pupils [youtube]