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Thrills beyond words…

Just to let people know – the United Kingdom Association for Buddhist Studies has, on its website, made available (free!) the back copies (vol. 1-22) of the journal Buddhist Studies Review. is the link. Enjoy, and let […]

  Buddhist 6 September 2011  

Thai Buddhist Sect – photo essay

Many thanks to my good friend Dr Paul Fuller, for pointing me in the direction of THIS article at Foreign Policy Magazine. It is about the Dhammakaya movement (this is the link to their official website – some interesting pics […]

  Buddhist 27 January 2011  

Excellent Buddhist Podcast

Taken from : “Fredrick M. Smith from the University of Iowa presented his talk on “Indian Buddhist Sociolinguistics and Buddhist Notions of Possession: A Fragment from the Mañjuśrīmūlakalpa” on April 30, 2009 as part of the Columbia […]

  Buddhist 17 May 2009  

Buddhist Art

The Telegraph reviews a new Gallery at the Victoria and Albert museum, devoted to Buddhist art.The review [click HERE] raises some issues about detachment, and the nature of the images, and whether the gallery actively promotes Buddhist values […]

  buddhism 30 April 2009  

Easter reflections

Thought our readers might be interested in reading the following reflections on Easter from a Buddhist perspective:

  Buddhist 13 April 2009  

RPE208 wiki

Please visit to see (and register to edit) the Indian Religions module wiki for what will be a student-written glossary of terms for that module (mainly Hindu and Buddhist terms). Cheers,Dave

  Buddhist 31 October 2007  

UK Association for Buddhist Studies: Conference 6-8 July 2007

The Teaching of Buddhism in Higher Education St Anne’s College, Oxford In association with the Oxford Centre for Buddhist Studies ( ) Conference 6-8 July 2007 Details at Cheers, Dave

  Buddhist 17 June 2007  

Buddhism, Philosophy as therapy – some thoughts..

Some thoughts over Easter: I know many students are away for the break – perhaps you may have more time than normal to think? so some thoughts…. Many of you are doing the Buddhism modules (RPE202), and there […]

  Buddhist 3 April 2007  

Buddhism podcast 4

Yes, here is the latest Buddhism (RPE202) podcast. This is on ‘views’ – and is limited by my being a bit full of cold – but hopefully still makes some kind of sense.. It follows up on the […]

  buddha 20 March 2007  

Buddhism podcast 3

Hi, the Buddhism podcast 3 is now on-line. It is short, and about Not-Self (Anatta) – and is really just a reading of the start of the Buddhist text Questions of King Milinda – which uses the idea […]

  anatta 25 February 2007