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Digital Adventures in Milton Keynes

Tuesday saw me off, with colleagues from across the University, on a road trip to that most mystical and romantic of destinations: Milton Keynes. We were there to visit the Digilab of the Open University. It is a […]

  Digilab 23 July 2008  

Battleground God game

Hi. I just completed the game at which assesses how coherent your beliefs are about God / what we can know about God. You may enjoy it… I note that at the end – the Philosopher’s Magazine […]

  games 31 October 2007  

Defining Sport

ALSO SEE OUR SHORT VIDEO INTERVIEWS ON PHILOSOPHY OF SPORT AT: As promised: a longer consideration of the nature of ‘Sport’. This is by my colleague, Dr Emily Ryall, Senior Lecturer in Philosophy over at the Faculty of […]

  darts 8 January 2007