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A question sent in to us: Why do terrorists corrupt Islamic teachings?

A teacher in Churchdown School Academy Gloucester sent us a question from one of his 6th Form pupils: Why do terrorists corrupt Islamic teachings? Some members of the RPE team at Gloucestershire try to answer this – and get caught up…

Contemporary usages of the idea of a ‘Caliphate’ in Islam. Why did ISIS/’The Islamic State’ use this term?

When ISIS declares a ‘Caliphate’ – why is that term chosen and what is its resonance with audiences?   In this short video Dr Jackson and Dr Webster talk about the use of this term. — See our RPE Course blog at…

Dr Roy Jackson interviewed about the notion of a ‘Caliphate’ within Islam

In this short video Dr Jackson and Dr Webster talk about the idea in Islam of a Caliphate: — See our RPE Course blog at

Al-Raziq's 'Islam and the Foundations of Governance'

Dr Webster talks to Dr Jackson about Al-Raziq’s controversial work ‘Islam and the Foundations of Governance’

The Problem of Evil in Islam

In this short video Dr Jackson and Dr Webster talk about the Islamic understanding of the Problem of Evil: Notes for this video: There are mentioned in the video Moses and Khidr (Quran 18: 60-82)  The Asharites  bila…

Women and Islam

Dr Roy Jackson talks with Dr Georgina Jardim about Islamic Feminism: Staff from the Religion, Philosophy & Ethics course at University of Gloucestershire. See our blog at FEEL FREE TO VISIT/JOIN OUR COURSE FACEBOOK GROUP.. – Current and past students talking…

What is Islamic Philosophy?

One of the greatest philosophers is the German Immanuel Kant (1724-1804). Kant is, of course, a ‘Western’ philosopher and not an Islamic philosopher, although I might add that it is quite possible to be ‘Western’ and ‘Islamic’ at…

An Islamic Approach to the Environment

A conversation between Dr Maria Nita and Dr Roy Jackson on an Islamic approach to environmental protection:

Sufism in Britain – Conference

Tuesday 13 April 2010; University of GloucestershireTiered Lecture Theatre, FCH Campus, Swindon Road, Cheltenham Sufism is a movement in Islam that has contributed immensely to its expansion, especially in the non-Arab regions of the world. The mystical movement…

CNN is putting together a set of videos on this year’s Hajj. The first one is below…D. If the video does not display above – you can go to: