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The Soul in Plato – a question…

Dr Jackson answers a question about the soul in the Phaedo – what does Plato mean? — Discover the RPE course :  – FEEL FREE TO VISIT/JOIN OUR COURSE FACEBOOK GROUP.. – Current and past students talking about Philosophy,Religion, Ethics, Religious Education and…

Plato's Forms – What are they?

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Plato’s Forms? What is this theory and why study it?

Dr William Large answers a (stupid) question from me: Why bother studying Plato’s Forms?

Appearance, Reality and Plato’s Cave

Dr William Large on the ideas of appearance and reality in Plato. He discusses the metaphor of the cave in Plato, and what it means…

Tri-Partite Soul and State in Plato

Dr William Large on the tri-partite person, and the equivalent in the State – as in Plato’s Republic

Knowledge and Virtue in Plato

Dr William Large on the connection between virtue and knowledge in Plato

Plato Camera Fail

Blooper…  Dr William Large about to talk about Plato…