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Science & Religon?

RPE graduate, and teacher, Kayleigh Davies, asks Dr David Webster about whether science and religion are necessarily in conflict: In addition click HERE for a free e-book from Mel Thompson on this very topic..

Sense about Science?

Following RPE201 (Philosophy, Science and Belief)- many of us have been talking about related issues – – I thought this video might then be pertinent..D.

Kuhn, Anamolies, and those pesky Homeopaths

Those who enjoyed RPE201 (Philosophy, Science and Belief) may enjoy the piece at which discusses how to make sense of the role of anomalous results / findings in the context of Kuhn’s thought. It also makes reference…

29% of teachers say Intelligent Design should be taught in science lessons

As indicated by this article in the Guardian, this debate seems to have transversed the Atlantic and is gaining momentum in British society. Whether evolutionary theory is the only legitimate scientific explanation for the existence of life begs…

Religion & Science radio shows

There are some very interesting radio programmes on Religion and Science from Wisconsin Public Radio at – lots to think about here.. (spotted via our friends in Florida at – thanks) D.

Can the mind exist independently of the body?

The University of Southampton has launched the AWARE project in a scientific attempt to determine what happens when we die. People often talk of having Near-Death Experiences (NDEs) but there are lots of rational explanations that can be…