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Welcome to new RPE students!

As we approach the start of term – a quick post to welcome all the RPE students joining us! There are loads of archives here of posts – and will be new ones shortly… In the meantime, feel […]

  Uncategorised 3 September 2018  

“studying philosophy may soon be worth more than computer science”

As AI destroys jobs, those with philosophy degrees, Tech entrepreneur Mark Cuban thinks the world will need philosophy graduates – read the full story at

  Uncategorised 26 February 2018  

One must imagine (lego) Sisyphus happy

“The struggle itself toward the heights is enough to fill a man’s heart. One must imagine Sisyphus happy.” – Albert Camus (From the excellent @ethicsinbricks)

  Uncategorised 14 December 2017  

RPE Students – if you are graduating this November – graduation tea party…

School of Liberal & Performing Arts Class of 2017 – All graduating students Please join staff and fellow graduates and their families in the FCH Chapel for tea, cakes and the presentation of prizes, from 2.00pm – 3.00pm. […]

  Uncategorised 23 October 2017  

Open Day..

More Open Days in the Sun.. 

  Uncategorised 30 June 2017  

Spain Field Trip Pics

Images from the 2016 field trip to Spain can be seen at

  Uncategorised 19 May 2017  

Presentation selfie? 

After HM6502 class finished their presentations, it was time for a selfie in the SU: well done to the 3rd years- presenting on The Church of Ed Wood, Jedis, Heaven’s Gate, Solar Temple, Pastafarianism, Asatru, Discordianism and more.. […]

  Uncategorised 16 May 2017  

Faith in Gloucester..

You may have seen the press coverage of the new Faith exhibition at Gloucester Cathedral. You can read more over on Dave’s blog: HERE. For RPE students, we intend to visit – hopefully on the 17th of February: […]

  Uncategorised 27 January 2017  

Field Trip: Imperial War Museum – Thursday 19 January

RPE and History students have a joint event in January.. Visit the online store HERE to book a place. On Thursday 19 January, History & RPE students have the opportunity to visit the Imperial War Museum in London. […]

  Uncategorised 6 December 2016  

Graduation 2016

Graduation today! Always a proud day for staff, students and families.. more pictures on the RPE Photo site.

  Uncategorised 24 November 2016