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Making the most of the module

// This is a video, with some advice for students on RPE110; but may be of interest to all students… There are more videos, related to the course and its content, at

Kant Attack Ad..

Thought this might entertain some… d.

Death lecture video

This may interest those of you in RPE301 (Love, Sex and Death) – and others. You may want to skip to and move to the others in the series (a lot if this is introducing his class)…

Peter Singer on Comedy Show?

Is this the only place philosophers can get airtime in the USA? Peter Singer talks about animals, food and the usual – but on the Comedy Central show ‘The Colbert Report’:

Fantastic Philosophy Resources at MIT

Massachusetts Institute of Technology have made huge amounts of their ‘courseware’ available, free, online. This includes a lot of philosophy materials. For example, see HERE for lectures notes on a range of topics including the Problem of Evil,…