Soka Gakkai, Maidenhead

One of the students participating in this field trip commented:

’I absolutely loved the trip and found it enlightening to see a New Buddhist Movement in action and the devotion to the practices was interesting. I felt it would of made a great essay as you could of argued white, western appropriation or you could have argued that western religion had failed(the devotees), so they found peace in an eastern tradition.

RPE Student

Students studying on the Buddhism module find themselves enjoying the apparent contradiction of Sokka Gakkai when it comes to the splendour of Taplow Court at the same time trying to reconcile this with their initial impressions of Buddhism as a religion of material detachment.

Soka Gakkai can often present the student of Buddhism with a number of challenging issues but there was plenty of time for questions and discussion in order to come to an informed and balanced view of this unique Japanese tradition who has located its European head-quarters in leafy Berkshire.