The following staff are involved with delivering the  Religion, Philosophy & Ethics and Theology & Religious Studies courses at the University of Gloucestershire.

Dr Martin Wood

At the University of Gloucestershire, Martin Wood currently works with the Religion, Philosophy and Ethics team teaching undergraduate Hinduism and Buddhism and postgraduate Buddhism.

Dr David Webster

Dr Webster works on the intersection of popular culture, religious belief and philosophical reflection. He is interested in how these all impact on the way we choose to live, and the choices we make in relation to our fellow sentient beings.

Dr Pekka Pitkänen

Dr Pekka Pitkänen’s main area of specialisation is the study of the sacred texts of Christianity (Old Testament/Hebrew Bible) in the context of the ancient world from a number of perspectives including archaeology, sociology and anthropology.

Professor Gordon McConville

Professor Gordon McConville teaches Biblical Studies, particularly Old Testament, but has a broad interest in Christian theology. He tries to show that theology has a continuing and urgent relevance to the modern world.

Professor Melissa Raphael

Professor Raphael is internationally recognised for her expertise in the fields of religion, feminism and gender (Jewish, Christian and post-Christian) western art and religion; the sacred/profane distinction in Western religion and feminist thealogy.

Dr Adrian Long

Exploring the socio-political potential of biblical texts within historical and contemporary contexts, and the constraints imposed by agendas and assumptions, provides opportunities to better understand what it means to be human.

Dr William Large

Dr William Large teaches and writes philosophy. In a world of cynicism, opportunism and anxiety, he hopes, by the end of the course, his students have the courage to be themselves.

Professor Philip Esler

Professor Philip Esler specialises in the interpretation of biblical and extra-biblical texts and ancient legal papyri using social-scientific ideas and perspectives to open up new lines of enquiry and to help understand the results.

Dr Roy Jackson

Dr Roy Jackson is a Reader in the Philosophy of Religion, teaching courses on Islam, Nietzsche, Greek philosophy, and philosophy of religion.