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Philosophy as a way of Life

Nowadays we tend to think of philosophy as an academic discipline you study in university and that to be a philosopher is to be a professor of philosophy. But that is not always how it has been, according…

Why Philosophy?

Why do philosophy at all?

Lawrence Klein: ‘Enlightenment as Conversation’

RPE students Tom Rees and Emma Thompson discuss the talk by Lawrence Klein on ‘Enlightenment as Conversation’ which took place at the Philosophytown event in Malmesbury in October 2014.

Al-Raziq's 'Islam and the Foundations of Governance'

Dr Webster talks to Dr Jackson about Al-Raziq’s controversial work ‘Islam and the Foundations of Governance’

Al-Ghazali's Deliverance From Error

Dr Roy Jackson (Reader in Philosophy of Religion at the University of Gloucestershire) in conversation with Dr Saeko Yazaki (Lord Kelvin Adam Smith Fellow in Religious Studies at the University of Glasgow) about Al-Ghazali’s work Deliverance from Error.