Esports comes to Glos

Gone are the days where sports is only and exclusively linked to physical exercise. Esports events have grown in popularity and revenue for the industry was predicted to exceed $900 million in 2018. The League of Legends Championships had 99.6 million viewers…that’s only a few million less than Super Bowl.

Tapping into the trend, students at University of Gloucestershire, Nick and Toby liaised with Computing students and societies to host a much smaller scale, varsity-style competition, playing against Worcester University, in means to raise money for Special effects charity. The charity provides special and uniquely adapted technology to disabled people to allow them to game for free. The event took place on the 4th of March but in order to raise awareness, students hosted weekly shows as well as producing promotional videos etc.

An ex-UoG student Harry Nelson, a Special Effect technician brought along some kit to demonstrate and game to discuss the work he and Special Effect do, during a 24-hour gaming live stream, held in the UoG’s TV studio. The stream was also attended by 35 gamers and was part of the Special Effects (SE) GameBlast19 marathon.

On the 4th March, Ultimate smash bros being played in the morning and rocket league in the afternoon.

Nick and Toby, commented on the event saying: “It was genuinely a really good event. The atmosphere was quite insane and I felt that it got better and better throughout the day”. They also said that “It was a competition but people were also bonding and that was good to see and felt good to see people make friends”.

But they most definitely learnt something from it too; “Overcoming technical issues was a great learning curve. I’d like to do the event again” said Toby.

The goal was to raise £500 for special effects but they raised £700 during the event and overall they raised £1,004!

The students hope that the event will run next year and be even bigger and more popular.

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