European Fashion Retail Supply Chain Visibility Training Resource Project

The goal of the SC Vis Project is to create knowledge to support a successfully functioning transnational European-based fashion supply chain by improving the visibility amongst supply chain members. The project incorporates how training should be offered to different members of the same international supply chain by consideration of the different cultural and economic contexts across the EU. The aim of the project is to bring together a strategic partnership with five Partners: University of Gloucestershire, UK; ESSCA School of Management, France (and Hungary); Politechnico di Milano, Italy; Dublin Institute of Technology, Ireland; and Alexander Technological Educational Institute, Greece, along with an active Advisory Group with representatives from Partner countries to create a high quality vocational education and training (VET) fashion supply chain visibility resource for the benefit of those engaged in the fashion sector in Europe. 

 SCVis objectives: 

  • Create a vocational education and training (VET) resource including a web-based digital tool and training materials that address an established knowledge gap and provide an accessible resource for career orientated learners and those that are least likely to take part in learning opportunities 
  • Create resources beyond the lifetime of the project that will be translated into English, French, Italian and Greek languages (reflecting countries that contribute to European fashion supply chains) and to support greater access to high-quality resources for native speaking workers

The SC Vis Digital Tool will include flexible and permeable learning pathways by incorporating an online platform where the resource is always available. It will enhance the access to vocational and educational training which is primarily aimed at those learners in the workplace and will increase the supply, accessibility and validation of vocational education and training.

As well as VET providers, the resources produced will be of value to academics and students. The VET resource, developed with industry, will provide additional content and training to mainstream higher education programmes thus improving the quality and relevance of academic programmes. In addition, the project combines education, research and innovation not only in the content and related outputs but also in the partnership of organisations and stakeholders involved in this project.

As well as directly supporting the priority above, the project and its outputs contribute to the priorities set out in the Europe 2020 Strategy.