SC Vis Tool

The SC Vis Digital Tool will include flexible and permeable learning pathways by incorporating an online platform where the resource is always available. It will enhance the access to vocational and educational training which is primarily aimed at those learners in the workplace and will increase the supply, accessibility and validation of VET.

Training tool class diagram

The new VET resource and implementation of this project will promote work-based learning across a range of supply chain organisations and with a range of learners within those organisations, as well as with a number of different stakeholders.

The project will also promote work-based learning more generally through wide dissemination of activities and results to those organisations outside of the subject area.

These organisations will be interested in VET resources and how they can be developed to upskill the workforce.

The project is designed such that the development of the resource will involve academic partners, VET providers and stakeholders involved through an active Advisory Group. This cross-sector approach is designed to add relevance to the outputs of the project.

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