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On the 23rd November, SLES Community put on a Disability sports taster day. There were 5 different sports, which included Boccia, Wheelchair rugby, Powerchair Football, Pan-disability Cycling and Visual Impairment Cricket. As well as the sports, we also had a guest speaker, Tim Jeffery, GB Paralympic Shooter, who did an amazing Q&A session. Each session enabled us to come away with a little bit more confidence and interest, in how to include people with physical impairments in teaching and coaching sessions, as well as a bit more about specific disability sports.

Overall, I thought the day was amazing. It was ran really smoothly and all of the coaches were great. I found the wheelchair rugby the most enjoyable as it was something I’ve never done before. I also really enjoyed the boccia session, I have taken part in boccia previously but have found it quite tedious before, but the coaches leading the session were so engaging, they made it so fun.

I found the powerchair football very challenging as it was hard to get used to, although it was great fun, I think this would be very difficult to implement into PE lessons due to the cost of equipment. I thought that the VI cricket was great fun, you didn’t need much equipment and it means that everyone can play the same sport, disability or not. This would probably be one of the easiest to implement into PE lessons. VI cricket particularly interested me, as I do a lot of volunteering with Visually impaired and blind children, and this is definitely an activity I can use with them.

I believe more experiences like this one need to occur as there seems to be a stigma around coaching and teaching children with disabilities. But it’s clear to see from the taster day, that there’s many activities you could use in PE lessons that are actually quite easy to understand.


Katie Christopher- L5 Physical Education and Coaching student

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