Active Games 4 Change: Progress Update

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The Active Games 4 Change Project is lead by the University of Gloucestershire and involves partner organisations from six European countries to develop innovative approaches to teaching and learning with young people in custody and under community supervision.

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Colleagues from the School of Sport and Exercise are involved in an Erasmus+ project to support young offenders (in custody and under community supervision) in acquiring and using key competencies that facilitate inclusion, education and employability .

Jordan Wintle and Rachel Sullivan have been working alongside the School of Education to develop games to use in secure settings to develop socio-emotional skills in young people.

Recently Jordan visited Turkey for the second project meeting, sharing initial ideas for the games developed by the UoG team which were received favorably by the international partners.

Previously, the collaborative UoG team has completed a state of the art analysis, developing a conceptual structure intended to serve as a support and guide for the use of sports and physical activity as a learning environment. This serves as the framework to build the toolbox of games for instructors to use in secure settings. Alongside the games, data will be collected on the impact the games have on the development of social, emotional and e-competencies as well as the development of an App to facilitate delivery and assessment.

Over the next few months Rachel and Jordan will be designing the games to be piloted in secure settings next year. The next meeting in Romania is in May- keep up to date with the project by following us and the School of Education on twitter, as well as visiting the AG4C website

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