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by Hayley Keveren

Welcome back!!I hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year and are ready to start back at university for semester 2.

Over the Christmas break, I have had chance to reflect back over semester 1 and how I found it went. Going into my third year of university I was incredibly apprehensive of what to expect with majority of learning now being online. However, I am incredibly pleased with how my first semester of final year went. Despite my previous apprehensions, the lecturers were brilliant! They were always there when I needed them and provided great support both through Moodle and via email. I also found they made the transition to greater online learning seamless and feel that my learning has not been hindered in any way. In my first semester, I also benefitted greatly by getting out each day to complete a form of physical activity, whether that be walking or running. I found it a great stress relief and really enjoyed getting out the house, even if it was just for 20 minutes.

Now onto semester 2 and we are unfortunately back in another national lockdown. Despite this, I am extremely motivated to keep striving to work hard for my degree and do well! I am keen this year to plan my time better and ensure I know what I am doing and when I should be doing it by. I find planning my time is really beneficial and allows me to filter in time to relax and destress away from my laptop screen. I understand the workload is going to take a step up this semester but as long as I plan my time accordingly, I am sure I will be able to achieve my best! Don’t forget that if you feel your workload is getting too much, your personal tutors and lecturers are always there to support and guide you.

Top Tips for Working Online

I thought it would be beneficial to create some top tips for working online to help us all throughout this lockdown and thanks to your fabulous course reps, they have created this amazing list:

  1. Provide your day with some structure e.g., working 9-5.
  2. Get some fresh air in the morning to prepare you for your day.
  3. Take regular breaks.
  4. Do something you enjoy in your breaks e.g., listening to a podcast.
  5. Try not to work too late, take some time for yourself in the evenings.
  6. Know when all your assignments are due so you can begin to prepare in advance.
  7. Use lecturers if you are particularly struggling.
  8. Catch up regularly with your personal tutor.
  9. Write notes during lecturers as this will help with memory retention.
  10. Try not to use your phone when you are focusing, try turning it off or putting it on do not disturb.

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