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The student voice is really important to us in SLES, our student course representatives share with us what they get from the experience

Lucy Grasty

Level 4 Course Rep for Physical Education

It’s safe to say that my time as one of the Level 4 PE course reps hasn’t been what you consider normal but then again, this year hasn’t been normal for anyone. However, this hasn’t stopped me enjoying my role as course rep. In my role, I take on board the feedback from my course and pass it onto either our course leader, subject leader or subject rep which helps to improve the quality and content of our course as well as updating staff on our courses well-being, which during these times is very important. My role has always been a positive one with a lovely, friendly environment where I know that I’m helping to shape the university experience for my course. Overall, regardless of the chaos that has been this pandemic, my role as a course rep has been a really enjoyable one so far.

Caitlin Miller

Level 6 Course Rep for Physical Education

Being a student rep is a fantastic leadership opportunity. It has allowed me to enhance my transferrable skills such as communication and decision-making and this has helped me to become more employable. I have developed new relationships with other students and staff members by listening to others as well as sharing the thoughts and feelings of my cohort about our course. I am able to give feedback to our lecturers and course reps to make a difference to students’ experiences at university.

Hassan Deen

Level 5 Course Rep for Physical Education & Coaching

Being a course representation for PE and Coaching as a 2nd year student has been a pleasurable journey so far. I have gained a closer relationship with my peers through trust and commitment. As well as this, the ideas that I contribute on behalf of our cohort can positively impact us and this brings me satisfaction to know that my role as a course rep at the University of Gloucestershire is making a difference. To add, my relationship with different tutors has grown stronger and this is a huge benefit as I can feel comfortable having them when I need them through my studying journey.

A course representative is so much more than just a person who reports feedback, it is someone who values good and bad feedback and desires to create an easier time at university for friends and even tutors. So far, positive changes have been made and I am glad I have peers that can come to me to report anything they would like to share. As the year progresses, I look forward to seeing more improvements and continuing to make a positive impact on whoever possible.

Tom Read

Level 5 Sports Business and Coaching

Being a course rep gives me the opportunity to help my fellow course mates, my course leader and lecturers and importantly, myself. It gives me a direct link to my course leader and an open platform to bring forward any positive or constructive feedback on the course or specific modules. Everyone learns differently and all the lecturers want to find out the best method for the whole group and in my experience. Being a course rep also gives me the opportunity to hear first about exciting new projects or initiatives that the university are bringing out, such as new YFP events and the new TEAMmate program. This gives me the opportunity to feedback on these new ideas before they go out to the students.

Thanks to our course reps for sharing and co-creating our student experience – if you want to be a rep look out for the opportunities with the SU!

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