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By Charlotte Hepburn BSc Physical Education final year

I was invited to provide an overview of what a swimming teachers perspective is in our SP6255: Swimming module. I felt honoured to have been asked and to be able to contribute something to the module content as it includes content knowledge which I enjoy discussing.

I have been a qualified swimming teacher for nearly 5 years working with children of all ages, abilities, in different settings and environments. I felt I was able to provide some up-to-date practical examples (e.g. skill based drills, games/activities) that fit different scenarios that Claire had presented me with. As well these examples, the recording could provide a change of voice, a different way of explaining situations during the lectures and a familiar face, to the other students which hopefully will keep them engaged. 

I am looking forward to seeing how Claire integrates these guest speakers into our online lectures, I can acknowledge the challenges that are faced by all lecturers trying to deliver practical lectures online and this is the first module I have experienced having multiple guest speakers during our timetabled lectures. I hope my input will be valued by my peers, although I know a few will not be aware of my background of swimming as it is not my first sport year at university. Nevertheless, moving towards the end of our last year at the University of Gloucestershire I know that my peers are extremely supportive, and I want to be able to help keep them involved within the module and be a someone they can go to for questions they might have.

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