Hear from Amy Sly – Severn Stars U19 team manager

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By Amy Sly BSc (hons) Sports Coaching final year

Amy talks to us about the challenge of being an undergraduate student, playing the sport she loves – all in Covid times

Finding a balance between training, uni work and staying connected with friends is difficult at the best of times, coupled with COVID finding this balance becomes even more of a challenge. Managing training with uni has become a positive thing for me, it has given me a routine to stick too- I wake up at a certain time so I can train before I start lectures or work. By doing this I feel I get more out of my day and feel better because of it. Giving yourself structure has been shown to help your mental health and this something that has been the case for me.

In a world of technology, I find having a physical planner has made me feel more positive about my day. Planning out my week from what I am going to have to breakfast to what workout I am going to do each day gives me structure although this seems extreme and I understand this does not work for everyone having a little bit of structure does make a difference. However, having a PJ day is always a great addition to the week.

During lockdown I have been lucky enough to be able to continue working within Severn Stars as the under 19’s Team manager. Although due to the situation, zoom training sessions have now become the norm. I have definitely seen the benefits of zoom training, It has allowed time to reflect on training situations, being able to work on your mindset in order to become a well-rounded athlete. Being apart of the under 19’s has created a great support network, coaches and players supporting each other if there is ever a challenge with COVID. 

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