Steps After My PGCE

I was invited to provide a summary of how I have found completing a part-time Masters degree in Professional Practice in PE and School Sport whilst being a full-time Physical Education teacher.  

By Natasha Scott (Masters student)

Finding the time to manage both my Masters degree and my full-time teaching job has been a challenge especially during COVID, however it has been a life-changing and eye-opening experience that I am so glad I started. I have really enjoyed the course, it has allowed me to meet new people and feel it has enhanced my overall professional development and provided many ideas and concepts that I can include into my teaching career.

I had credits from my PGCE which were taken into consideration before starting the course, because of this I only took two modules rather than four this academic year and then will complete my dissertation next academic year. The course was really well structured, with our lectures either being short evening sessions or longer all-day sessions during half-terms, meaning there was no interference with my teaching career. The assessments were well spread out across the academic year with the due date being either during or just after a school holiday, giving us plenty of time to complete them. I found organising myself by setting to-do lists for both my job and my degree and also my own deadlines to complete certain pieces of work was really beneficial. I have a really supportive department at school and if I am completely honest, I probably would not have been able to complete this academic year without their encouragement and flexibility.  

Everything we covered during the year was relevant to my job and I feel like my professional development has increased as a result of this. The modules which I have undertaken have allowed me to reflect on my own practice and experiences, reviewing what I have already incorporated into my teaching practice and what I can and will do differently in the future. They have also enabled me to research the contemporary issues involved with young people and sport analysing the strengths and weaknesses of different initiatives. Both of these modules have allowed me to understand what I find really important for young people and physical activity and which pathway I would like my future career and development to follow. 

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