Ten Top Tips for Starting University

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As we head into the first weekend after Induction week at UoG School of Sport and Exercise … a checklist to see if you have done the essentials this week!!

  1. Bring biscuits!

Although it might seem scary when you first move into your halls of residence it’s important to remember that everyone is in the same boat and probably feeling exactly how you feel! Knock on your neighbours door with some biscuits or chocolate- it’s a great conversation starter and you can get to know each other over a hot drink. You’ll make even more friends if the biscuits are chocolate too!

2. Pack a first aid kit

With all the chaos of moving in and attending induction sessions you might not have time to go to the shops. Having a plaster to hand after cutting yourself putting together some furniture, or some pain killers for a sore head will be very much appreciated. It might also come in useful for anyone else in your halls who has an emergency.

3. Buy a cook book

Most students end up doing some form of cooking in their first few weeks, either because you end up missing catered meals because you have been socialising or because you can’t face another takeaway. A simple students’ cook book is an essential and another great way to make friends if you can cook up a good Spaghetti Bolognese for your house mates.

4. Find your way around

Spend some time in your first week finding out where the nearest shop, bus stop, doctors surgery and other important places are. You will most likely be taken on a tour of your campus during induction but getting to know the place you are now living is important. Walk around the area around halls, or join one of the walk and talk sessions run by the university to find your way around as well as getting to know people on your course.

5. Get all the information induction sessions

It’s easy to get caught up in all the excitement of starting university and the social events which are put on by the SU but it’s important to remember you are at university to study! You will save yourself lots of stress and headaches if you make sure you attend all the sessions put on during your induction (including the best Freshers Fayre in the country!) and find out all the important details about your course.

6. Join a club or team

Most students find their best friends from university are those who have similar interests. Joining a sports team or other club will help you to find people who may not be studying the same subject as you but have similar interests.  There are lots of options for clubs to join at the Freshers Fayre so make sure you check it out and sign up.

7. Don’t forget to call home

Induction week is busy! With course related sessions, SU events and finding your way around it is easy for your time to fill up. Make sure you allocate some time to call home and check in as your family will be wanting to know you are getting on ok!

8. Create a course group chat

It’s easy to miss things during induction week- the time something starts, where to find that book in the library or where to find lecture notes.  Creating a group chat for your course will help you to keep up to speed with things as well as staying in touch with your Course reps to give feedback about your course to academics.

9. Have a day off

Make sure you find time to rest before lectures begin.  Induction week is busy and tiring. No doubt you will have quite a few late nights and some less-than- nutritious food. Make sure you take a day (and night!) off and rest- watch a film with your housemates and cook that spaghetti Bolognese for dinner.  You don’t want to burn out and get ill in your first few weeks so making time to rest is essential.

10. Connect with staff

The University staff will be very important for your success over the next few years, so make sure you spend time getting to who know they are! You will spend lots of time during induction week with academic staff – find out your Personal Tutor and make sure you arrange a meeting with them as they will be your first port of call during your time at UoG. It is also worth getting to know when you can find HelpZone staff as well as the name of the Senior Tutor. These people will help you when you have a problem, whether it be struggling with workload or a problem at home and knowing who they are will help make difficult situations easier further down the line.

Most of all, remember to have fun! Many people look back at their time at university as some of the best days of their life so enjoy it!

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