“It’s all in the evidence, Your Honour”

BSc (Hons) Professional Policing……………..”It’s all in the evidence, Your Honour”

Policing Lecturer John Clay-Davies was heard breathing a heavy sigh of relief yesterday as he clicked ‘send’ to despatch the first-round of ‘high level’ evidence to the College of Policing, as the University of Gloucestershire bids to become a licenced provider of the new Pre-Join Degree in Professional Policing.  The Pre-Join is one of the new graduate-entry routes into Policing which comes in to effect on 1st January 2020.

The photograph below shows the actual file of ‘high level’ evidence submitted to the College of Policing!


John said, “The Professional Policing qualification will replace our existing, and very successful, Policing degree from September 2019.  Our current first-year Policing students will be transferred on to the second year of the new course next September.  The delivery of the high level evidence is the first hurdle to becoming a licenced provider.  The remaining hurdles are: submission of further evidence to the College by 29th January 2019; attendance at a College of Policing quality standards assessment event on 12th March; and our own University of Gloucestershire validation panel on 16th April 2019”.

In the run-up to this Christmas the University will also submit bids to provide courses that cover the other two new entry routes into policing: the Police Constable Degree Apprenticeship and the Degree Holder Entry Programme.

John is looking forward to a quiet Christmas!! 🙂

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