Student thoughtfulness

Last Friday, whilst leaving one of my last lectures for the Autumn term, I happened across three of our third year students huddled in the hallway just outside the door. They were holding a present.

“For me?” I asked, blushing.

It was.

Fool that I am, I squished the gift… “Feels like a scarf,” I thought to myself. ”Good… I need more scarves.”

Only it wasn’t a scarf. It was even better than that.

Flash back to the term. I always came to class with my whiteboard markers.

I never came to class with an eraser. Inevitably, I would ask, “Has anyone got a Kleenex.”

I’d then proceed to wipe clean the board, grumbling under my breath at the abysmal state of university finances.

By the end of term, some of my students, knowing full well I’d ask if anyone had a Kleenex, began to offer it before I’d even asked.

Yes, better than a scarf. Not so much the pens (though they will indeed be used), but the *cloths*.

Thoughtful beyond measure. Thanks, guys.

And Merry Christmas!

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