Policing students learn how to Taser!

Richard Hester, Lecturer in Policing reports on a ‘shocking’ experience….

Thankfully this use of a ‘taser’ was via a Virtual Reality Simulator, demonstrated to us by Virtual Reality Simulation Systems of Shropshire. UoG is looking to develop this immersive learning technology, in order to provide policing students with the opportunity to practice real life scenarios in a safe learning environment.

Luckily for Arran (1st year policing student, pictured) it was VR, as he ended up getting stabbed on his first attempt! Following virtual use of the Taser, students were able to debrief and justify their use of force; and to consider other available tactical options to de-escalate the situation.

Arran - VR Taser

James Derounian – a Principal Lecturer – adds: When in Florida I had the dubious experience of seeing someone tasered for real. This was a British Transport Policeman who, apparently, was on a mission to see whether his force should have Tasers rolled out for frontline use. When the barbs connected with him he fell to the ground, foaming at the mouth, totally rigid.

According to the officer he needed to understand the effect in order to inform his recommendation! And American police cadets, so I understand, get tasered as part of their training!

My advice – stick to virtual reality!

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