Top secret

American criminology lecturer, Dr Brian Frederick, has a secret past. Our University of Gloucestershire colleague co-starred in a Hollywood film – A Minor Miracle – alongside the soccer legend, Pele, and actor John Huston.

He was also an extra in Steven Spielberg’s blockbuster, ET (the Extra-Terrestrial)!

Watch this space for more staff secrets……

So here is no.2 in our series of things you may not know about University of Gloucestershire, social sciences staff:

Dr Jane Monckton-Smith, well-known for her work researching stalking, and domestic homicide, was – at an unspecified date (!) – lead singer in a heavy rock band…..and then she turned to crime! Ask Jane and she might even tell you the name of the group…..

Jane Monckton-Smith as rock chick

Come in number 3, in this occasional series: Sarah Nixon – as well as lecturing on criminology courses – has just submitted her PhD: Peer work and desistance amongst prisoners and probationers. Looking at the effect of prisoners mentoring other prisoners.

In addition to which Sarah served as a prison officer for 6 years at HMP Leicester. She hopes to publish her autobiography about life working in a jail – Screws and Cons – shining a light on prison life. Now there’s a stocking filler, for sure!

Number 4 in this occasional series – digging into the background and non-work life of staff – is Dr Dave Turner. Senior Lecturer in Criminology by day, he has a secret life as minder of egg-producing chickens; and completed his doctoral research on gambling and pubs; [The fancy title of which was Social Organisation of Off-course Betting: An Ethnographic Perspective]. Any excuse for a pint, eh Dave?

You may know Dr Louise Livesey, as a senior lecturer in Criminology and specialist in researching and understanding violence against women and girls; victim/survivor knowledge; policy and practice development and grassroots work, BUT, what you probably don’t know is that she is a playwright, whose works (Burnt Offerings and Vagina Monologues) have been staged. Louise produced the latter piece, which was performed 2011-2013 at the Oxford International Women’s Festival.


Today’s top secret entry is partly about ‘who’ but more about ‘where’!? Here are Head Technician, Paul Kimber, and Principal Lecturer James Derounian… where were they snapped larking about on a…….Saturday afternoon!? A clue – it’s close to FCH campus. And the place connects to a well known winter songbird….with a red breast! And a BIGGER clue….who is the team captain James is selfied with, below…at the same event?


This next entry is so classified that we’re not going to even name the social sciences lecturer….but just give you clues as to who they are. He – please note – commutes into work, most days, by hitch-hiking. The Automobile Association AA did a survey showing that “91% of drivers are unlikely to stop to give a hitchhiker a lift”….and yet he persists! Furthermore, only “1% of drivers have hitchhiked themselves in the last year and only 1% of drivers are very likely to stop to give hitchhikers a ride”! These are not good odds.

In case you are flummoxed as to which staff member this is, here’s a BIG fat clue – he commutes to/ from Winchcombe! So who is he…….and how long has he been hitching? I am the passenger…..