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Foucault: Covid-19 and Power

By: Beth Mason, BA Sociology student Introduction This time last year* we could never have imagined being in the midst of a pandemic nor having our behaviour controlled so much by the government. Johnson has overseen enormous restrictions…

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Framing the funding crisis: The attack on low-income households

By: Dr Louise Folkes, Lecturer in Social Sciences “Poverty is trying to walk up an escalator that’s racing down. Poverty is attempting to stay afloat in a boat full of holes when someone has taken away your oars and…

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Starving Kids, Tories Making Quids: Examining the role of ‘stigma’ in providing free school meals to impoverished families during covid-19

By: Emma Collins, BSc Criminology and Sociology student “Could you let me know when we’re close to £18? I’m not sure I’ve got enough in my account for all this.” I have worked in a supermarket throughout the…

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