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Hungry Britain: how austerity and stigma help explain the rise in food insecurity

By: Nikki Rodgers, BSc Criminology and Sociology student Around 10% of the British population is food insecure, meaning that they do not have reliable access to a sufficient amount of food. Although the UK government do not have…

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The Return of the Dual Burden – Home-schooling during Covid-19

By: Charlotte Dicks, BSc Criminology and Sociology student In understanding why women are mostly being left responsible for home schooling children during COVID-19 lockdowns, it can be useful to look at Hochschild’s theory of the dual burden. According…

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Brexit: An Illusion of Grandeur and the Influence of Social Exclusion

By: Cameron McKie, BA Sociology student Brexit. Arguably the most important and divisive decision most of the UK will have faced in their lives regarding British foreign policy. The issues surrounding the Brexit vote are as diverse as…

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All lives matter? The implications of feminism without intersectionality

By: Beth Gallacher, BSc Criminology and Sociology student In recent months, the Black Lives Matter movement has gained much more publicity than it originally had when it was founded in 2013 after Trayvon Martin, a young African American…

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Bauman and Fast Fashion

By: Claire Francombe, BA Sociology student In today’s society, a great amount of value is placed on products. Many theorists argue that we even value those around us differently based on what products they do or don’t have…

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Foucault: Covid-19 and Power

By: Beth Mason, BA Sociology student Introduction This time last year* we could never have imagined being in the midst of a pandemic nor having our behaviour controlled so much by the government. Johnson has overseen enormous restrictions…

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Framing the funding crisis: The attack on low-income households

By: Dr Louise Folkes, Lecturer in Social Sciences “Poverty is trying to walk up an escalator that’s racing down. Poverty is attempting to stay afloat in a boat full of holes when someone has taken away your oars and…

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Starving Kids, Tories Making Quids: Examining the role of ‘stigma’ in providing free school meals to impoverished families during covid-19

By: Emma Collins, BSc Criminology and Sociology student “Could you let me know when we’re close to £18? I’m not sure I’ve got enough in my account for all this.” I have worked in a supermarket throughout the…

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