Research Themes

Below you can find more information on the work of the group, organised under three broad research themes:

  • Crime and Harm Reduction
  • Migration, identities, and inequalities
  • Flourishing communities

Flourishing communities

Research in this theme works to understand the issues enabling or preventing safe, healthy communities where families and individuals can flourish. Projects A-Z  Community engagement and restorative practice Details and External Engagement A number of staff are working on projects around community engagement, crime reduction and in particular, restorative Justice. This includes Dr Jon Hobson, Dr Kenny Lynch, Dr Andrew Stafford, and Dr Brian Payne, at Ulster University. This work includes several evaluation projects funded…


Migration, identities, and inequalities

Research in this theme examines dynamics of ethnic, national and religious identities and inequalities, including the intersection of these issues with practices and processes of human mobility. Projects (A-Z) Cultural Heritage and Identities of Europe’s Future (CHIEF)  CHIEF (2018-2021) is a €4.8 million project funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 programme. Through an interdisciplinary and multi-methods approach across six empirical work packages, CHIEF explores diverse youth participation in the creation and reproduction of cultural…


Crime and Harm Reduction

Projects in this theme focuses on how applied social science can help us understand patterns of crime and contribute to how best to reduce harm in communities. Click through to read more. Projects a-z Homicide Research Group The Homicide Research Group works with organisations and charities to produce research that can help reduce or prevent homicide. We have already produced a report for the Suzy Lamplugh Trust which has been influential in assessing risk in…