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Richard Hester

I am a Senior Lecturer in Criminology and Policing in the social sciences subject area. I was a police officer with Thames Valley Police for 12 years and have worked in various front-line roles in policing, including high profile events such as the 2012 Olympics.

Dr. Charlie Parker

My research interests focus around social identities. As a qualitative researcher, my sociological interests have led me to researching transnational island communities and military communities, as well as paid carers in institutional settings.

James Derounian

James Derounian is a Principal Lecturer and undertakes action research linked to community engagement, participation, rural issues and teaching and learning in higher education.

Dr Kasia Narkowicz

I am Lecturer in Criminology and Sociology. My research concerns issues around State violence, Islamophobia, racism, gender and religion.

Dr Jane Monckton Smith

I am a forensic criminologist specialising in homicide, stalking and coercive control. My teaching is focused around forensic and criminal investigation and issues in public protection.

Dr Louise Livesey

I am a Senior Lecturer in Criminology and also teach Sociology and other modules. Specialist interests include violence against women and girls; sexual violence; victim/survivor knowledge; policy and practice development and grassroots work as well as theory and practice links.

Dr Demelza Jones

I am a Senior Lecturer in Sociology. My main research and teaching expertise relates to migration, and different forms of (super)diversity and inequality.

Dr Brian Frederick

My research focuses on how both mainstream and gay social media sites and applications are used by men who have sex with men (MSM) to facilitate experiences with drugs such as crystal methamphetamine, mephedrone and the gaba analogues (e.g., GHB; GBL).

Dr Sam Scott, Course Lead for Geography

I am a human geographer who specialises in population geography and international migration. My teaching draws heavily on research I have carried out looking at low-wage migrant workers in the UK and skilled British expatriates overseas.

Dr Andrew Stafford

I am a criminologist interested in policing, procedural justice and evidence-based approaches to crime reduction and community safety.

Dr Rachel Bennett

I am a Lecturer in Human Geography, specialising in quantitative methods and population health and ageing.

Dr. Kenny Lynch, Reader in Geography

Growing up on the edge of Edinburgh gave me an interest in how cities develop. Relatives working in Nigeria, Italy, Switzerland, the US and Belgium gave me an insight into what things are like in other parts of the world.

Click here for Kenny’s publications.

Dr. Jonathan Hobson, Subject Lead for Social Sciences

Jon is a Political Sociologist by training, teaching across sociology and criminology. He specialises in issues on power, authority and overcoming social harms. This includes work onĀ  understanding genocide, Restorative Justice, and marginalised communities.

Click here for Jon’s publications.