University of Gloucestershire Research Repository

Please click the image to visit the University of Gloucestershire’s Research Repository.

The Research Repository serves a number of purposes. It is a storage and distribution service for the University’s research and publishing outputs whether, articles, conference papers, book contributions, artefacts or video.

The Research Repository is the main reporting tool for Research Excellence Framework (REF). Previous REF submissions can be found on the repository by searching for REF2014 as a keyword.

The Research Repository holds the unpublished postgraduate research theses as open access full text documents wherever possible. It is also used to disseminate Open Educational Resources (OERs) for reuse and adaptation subject to Creative Commons license terms.

Having a Research Repository provides a public window into the research activities undertaken by the University, and as such it makes known the institution’s current research interests and strengths; it also helps achieve greater recognition for our internationally regarded lead researchers.

The Research Repository is home to many of the Centre for Women, Ageing and Media’s research publications!

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