Study for a Research Degree with WAM

The Centre for Women, Ageing and Media (WAM) is committed to building a community of research scholars who wish to study for a research degree with the aim of building an innovative research resource that pulls together and enhances the skills and experience of women who are over 50. We warmly welcome applications from older women themselves, but would equally value the input and experience of male scholars interested in ‘thinking with age’.

Undertaking a research degree at the Centre for Women, Ageing and Media

WAM is interested in supervising projects related to film, television, music, print and online media that explores not only texts but how these are used, understood and remembered along the life-course. WAM is also interested in exploring autoethnographic approaches to research on older women’s experiences and memories of popular media forms. The research produced by the WAM research community would highlight the skills and perceptions offered by older people that are so often overlooked when designing research.


If you are interested in undertaking research with WAM, potential applicants are strongly encouraged to contact co-director Hannah Grist ( or Ros Jennings ( for an informal conversation about your research ideas.

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