Launched at the New Dynamics of Ageing event, Ageism and Sexism in the Media, London 13th November 2012, the WAM Manifesto forms the backbone of all WAM’s research enterprise. You can view our manifesto below, and read more about the WAM Manifesto here.

The WAM Manifesto

Colleagues working together as part of WAM’s collaborative research group demand that:

  1. The academy and the public sector recognise, address, challenge and refuse misogyny directed at older women in the media and public life.
  2. The media should aspire to more diversity in representations of old age than the dominant consumerist notions of ageing for women in public currently do.
  3. Issues of class race, non-normative sexualities and materiality need to be recognised and responded to in relation to older women, both in academic work on representation and in public policy.
  4. Older women need to be at the centre of debates to discuss their own identities, their own lives and the policies governing them.
  5. Ageing studies need to produce research that explores intergenerationality as a means for old and young to work together in their diversities to produce real world outcomes and incremental change.
  6. Research on women, ageing and media should be recognised as a form of activism that strives to empower women and older women in particular, by demanding that a wider range of older women should be more visible in all areas of the media and media representation.