WAM Summer School 2020

Research Methods for Ageing Studies

Friday 17th July 2020, 11.30 – 21.00 (UK time)

Papers Presented

Caroline Coyle (University of Gloucestershire, UK) & Erica Follows-Smith (Independent Scholar) – “Mnápause – Unravelling the Mystery of the Irish Experience of the Menopause through the Airwaves of Community Radio”

Chanelle Manton (University of Brighton) – “Only for the old? The role of photography in constructing and researching domiciliary care”

Marlene Chan (Independent Scholar, Concordia University, Canada) & Christine O’Kelly (Age-Friendly University Network, Ireland) – “Ageing: It’s All about U”

Lisa-Nike Bühring (University of Gloucestershire) – “Moving beyond One’s Socio-Cultural Embedment: Exploring Older German Men’s Life-Course Narratives from a Social Constructionist Perspective”

Caroline Coyle (University of Gloucestershire) & Patsy Preston (Independent Scholar) – “Women of Ireland (Mná na hÉireann): Celebrating Mnápause (Menopause) through the Collective Power of Ritual at Uisneach”

Carly McAskill (Concordia University, Canada) – “Ageing, Dementia & Experiential Writing”

Keynote Presentations

Professor Sara Cohen (University of Liverpool, UK), Professor Line Grenier (University of Montreal, Canada), Professor Ros Jennings (University of Gloucestershire, UK) – “Methods for Troubling Inheritances: A Keynote Discussion Panel”

Dr Hannah Grist (University of Bristol, UK)  – “Exploring carers, care homes and the British media with multiple qualitative methods: Reflections on autoethnography and interviewing”

Book Launch

Grist, Hannah & Ros Jennings (2020) Carers, Care Homes and the British Media: Time to Care, Basingstoke: Palgrave MacMillan. https://link.springer.com/book/10.1007/978-3-030-35768-9

Cover of Grist & Jennings (2020)