Launched! The Gloucestershire Constabulary and UoG mentoring scheme

Mentoring is an often overlooked way of developing your skills, confidence and your professional career. But we know how beneficial it can be, and we were delighted to work with the Gloucestershire Constabulary on a brand new mentoring programme for students.

The BRIDGE mentoring scheme (Building Relationships in Diverse Groups of Excellence) was set up to give second-year students – on any course – an insight into the work of the police force, whilst offering a professional mentor who could support, guide and empower them on their career journey.

16 students signed up for the scheme, and have been matched with 9 mentors from a range of policing areas – from front-line policing, to intelligence, to detective work in Major Crimes. We launched the programme at an informal event in Pittville’s very laid-back bar space, where most of the mentees had a chance to meet their mentors and kick-start the 6 month mentoring journey.

The BRIDGE mentoring scheme was set up by Inspector James Wyatt, who in his opening talk made reference to the importance of failure. Failure is inevitable, he explained, so success depends on learning how to fail well. Drawing on his own experiences early on in his policing career, he reassured students that failures certainly aren’t something to be afraid of, but a chance to take responsibility for how you might need to improve, and try again. As someone who had benefited enormously from having a mentor at the start of his career, he went on to say that having a mentor by your side – somebody who has been there, done that and learned some valuable lessons – can make recovering from any failures a lot quicker and less painful.

What’s the point of mentoring?

“To support and encourage people to manage their own learning in order that they develop skills, improve performance and become the person they want to be.”

Eric Parsloe, Coaching, Mentoring and Assessing: a practical guide to developing competence

We asked our student mentees what they hoped to get out of the scheme, and they told us that they felt they knew only a small amount about the opportunities available and wanted more info, they wanted something that would look great on their CV, and they wanted practical guidance on how to get from where they are now to where they want to be. But whatever the reason, seeking out a mentor – whether personally or through a programme run by the Your Future Plan team – is a great investment in your future.

Thank you to our 9 mentors within Gloucestershire Constabulary and a big well done to our student mentees for grabbing this opportunity – we can’t wait to see how these mentoring relationships grow over the coming months.

Interested in mentoring opportunities and other personal and professional development programmes? The Your Future Plan portal provides our students with a range of opportunities and events – login to explore now:

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