Gloucestershire Employability Awards – FAQs

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Though employability might seem far from your mind right now, this could actually be a great time to achieve your Employability Award. You can work through each stage in straightforward, achievable steps, and will receive a certificate and an improved CV at the end of it!

Some elements of the Awards have shifted online for this term, so have a read through the FAQs below to see how you can complete your Bronze, Silver or Gold Award before the end of summer term.

How do I get my work experience hours right now?

Work experience hours can be counted from the start of the academic year, so you may already have them. If not, consider part-time paid roles (a key worker role would not only look great on your CV, but also make a real contribution to society). Virtual internships are becoming more popular, and of course any work you are doing from home still counts – for example as a Student Ambassador or Student Rep. We’ll just need to be able to verify your hours with your line manager.

Is there a deadline to complete the Award?

Yes – you do need to complete each Award before the start of next academic year, but we do hold interviews over the summer months to make this achievable for you. Each stage of each award has certain deadlines which you can explore by clicking into each Award here. Upcoming deadlines include:

  • Sunday 24 May – Register for Bronze
  • Sunday 24 May – Attend Gold Award meeting
  • Sunday 21 June – Attend Step up to Silver workshop

How do I attend events for Bronze Award?

All of our Summer term events are taking place virtually, via Microsoft Teams. You can book onto them via the YFP portal as usual.

How do I attend the Step up to Silver workshop?

You have two options – you can either attend the workshop via Microsoft Teams (where you will be able to get interactive guidance on writing a CV and the Silver application form) or you can watch a recording of the workshop. You’ll be able to pick one of these two options when you click on the Silver Award workflow on your dashboard of the YFP portal. Please note that you won’t be able to see the Silver Award workflow or workshop until you have completed your Bronze Award.

Can I still do my Silver Award interview?

Yes you can! It will be done via MS Teams, with two members of the YFP team – it’s great practice, too, as more and more interviews with employers are taking place online (and certainly this will be more common from now on). To arrange your Silver Award interview, email with your preferred availability.

How do I attend a Gold Award meeting?

All appointments are now taking place either by telephone or MS Teams – please email with your preferred availability and we will coordinate the meeting with a Careers Consultant for you.

Can I still do my Gold Award presentation and interview?

You certainly can – these are being held via MS Teams, and you will have a chance to present over video, after which you will be interviewed by two members of the YFP team and a local employer. Email to arrange your Gold Award presentation and interview.

If you have any more questions about any of the Employability Awards, please Ask a Question or email us at

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