Alumni Stories: Jamie Martin’s journey from Psychology student to Career Coach and Author

At the very start of my student life at the University of Gloucestershire my goal was to become a Psychologist

I chose to pursue a psychology degree in higher education due to my interest in the subject from completing an A Level Psychology course at college. My yearning to understand individual differences within humans from a psychological perspective was also another reason.

At this point in time (2008) I was not sure which area of Psychology I wanted to specialise in. I was excited to learn more about this profession and trust my gut and capabilities to guide me on the next steps.

My career goals changed throughout my degree, following learning areas within the subject – some areas I thoroughly enjoyed, some areas were not of much interest to me. 

Decision making can be tough during a degree – leading me to an obstacle that greatly impacted on my time: I’d decided to choose Criminal Psychology to study as my Masters. After experiencing the first semester, I realised this area was not my full passion and I took the leap of faith to change my postgraduate studies to Business Psychology.

Although the change was challenging at first, I am delighted I made the right decision. Business Psychology aided me to understand different areas of Occupational Psychology – providing me with confidence in my decisions to step into the business world following completing my postgraduate certificate and start a career in sales.

Whilst working hard to achieve my Psychology degree I was also focused on the next 5-10 years of my career

What career did I want to do next? Where did I want to work? Who did I want to work with?

I researched my desired occupations, based around my interests, passions, and financial gain, and reached out for advice from lecturers, peers, and business professionals to identify the necessary steps to help me develop this career path.

It is a good idea to learn from others who have undertaken a similar business path i.e. Richard Branson – learn from their success and failures, as well as develop a growth mindset to achieve endless possibilities.

Completing 4 years at university was no easy feat. I enjoyed my time at the University of Gloucestershire and took plenty of value and knowledge away. Although I did not end up being a Psychologist, undoubtedly the skills and character developed within these 4 years have been transferrable and helpful in crafting my presenting career.

8 years after finishing my Business Psychology Postgraduate Certificate I founded my own Modern Sales Training and Sales Strategy Business

It’s called Correct Careers Coaching Limited, and as well as being Managing Director, I am also an author, speaker, and podcast host. 

I chose to start my own company within this sector because I am passionate about sales strategy and sales training to help businesses improve their revenue and processes.

I deliver modern sales training including social media marketing/prospecting, lead generation, new business conversion, client relationship management, negotiation, as well as my own pioneering programme – ‘Sales Psychology’ (which was inspired by completing my Psychology degree).

So how did I get the career I wanted?

Some of the steps I took towards my goal included:

  • Learning how to set up my company (intellectual property, filing of accounts, bank account, insurances, GDPR & data protection (ICO), terms & conditions, website, branded product, CRM system, etc.).
  • Planning and research stages (Beta testing – sample testing of my services to identify the value and gaps within the marketplace).
  • I pursued help in my local area for grants, resources, and support. 
  • Read business guides/books and listened to podcasts/webinars/online resources e.g. Udemy.
  • Attended networking events, workshops, and seminars for self-development and to improve all areas of business needed (e.g. marketing, social media, strategy, finance, HR, and law, etc). 
  • Had fortnightly conversations with a business mentor regarding my business initiatives.
  • I sought out PR opportunities by approaching the local/national newspapers and media channels for further company awareness.

My advice to entrepreneurial students is to spend time researching the industry sector of interest to you and your potential competitors.

  • Identify your value proposition, as well as identify gaps in the market, 
  • Work with a coach/mentor/local bodies for start-ups.
  • Always continue your personal development and growth mindset by listening to podcasts, watching business videos, and undertake further training and courses.
  • Attend networking events/webinars to build relationships with the business community.

Running your own business will be a challenge. 

As long as you have the passion and desire to achieve – this energy will help you through the tough times and celebrate the successful times.

Identify your purpose, the reasons for your career aspirations and goals – you can achieve anything you set your mind to!

Thanks to Jamie Martin for contributing to the Your Future Plan blog – you can find out more about Jamie and his business on LinkedIn or his website.

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