Placement Stories: Bradley Warren, Media and Marketing Assistant at QuoLux

It’s great to invite Digital Marketing student Bradley Warren to the blog to share his experiences of his placement as a Media and Marketing Assistant at QuoLux.

“Support from the Your Future Plan team guided me to become an active member of the QuoLux team and eased the stressful times, too.” 

I had applied for countless opportunities across the marketing sector, primarily using the YFP portal in my placement search to identify top-quality local organizations.

I applied for this particular role as it was something new and a place to use my creative skills in graphic design too. 

The chance to use E-Learning and video technologies were the primary attraction to the role for me – and it helped that it was local, too!

“My main concern was that my lack of knowledge might hinder my experience.”

My most significant areas of development were taking my strong understanding of consumer behaviour into the real world of the marketing industry and developing my critical analysis further to present information effectively.

Also, my role would require me to use the latest technology in eCommerce, CRMs and LMS from my limited teachings in the past and successfully using them in the workplace. My only concern was that my lack of knowledge would interrupt my experience, and I didn’t want to disappoint the QuoLux team.

“I’ve developed a complete suite of eLearning videos.”

During my placement year, I worked on various projects and developed more skills than initially planned too, starting with making a complete suite of eLearning videos and using diverse content within our LMS system.

I also worked on using AR technologies for our Inspire Belief campaign where we developed various 3D academic models in each adding interactive hotspots to capture the attention of our cohort members to boost their learning. 

I achieved many personal and professional skills too, such as being a more effective communicator during networking sessions, and developing my business understanding. Learning from my MDs and masterclass speakers allowed this skill to develop beyond my expectations. 

“My experience got me a short-term internship with Adobe in California.”

The best part of my placement was meeting the MD of Business West, George Freeman, and Gareth Wood, the CEO of Really Helpful Marketing. It was great to hear that both were impressed with my quality of work.

Gareth invited me for a shadow day at his head office at Cheltenham, which was terrific, and then George Freeman wanted to make a short story of my history, experiences and future aspirations and place it in his magazine, which later got me the opportunity to get a short term internship with Adobe in California. 

“Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, my placement year was cut short.”

For a short while I was working remotely for 4-7 weeks before the company had to let me go, 3 months early.

However, I feel doing this experience has given me many goals and preparation for the world ahead by working alongside my fellow MDs – basking in their knowledge and qualities has boosted my personal and professional skills to a new level.

Continuing to show my personal qualities in dedication, positive and driven mentality, has taught me that more experiences like QuoLux could happen more often in the future.

My plan for the future is to complete my degree and achieve the best possible grade possible, continue to form new connections and keep close communications with contacts I have made – and to continue to evolve by investing in professional development courses.

“My advice is to invest in a placement year; I’ve grown beyond my wildest expectations.”

My advice to my fellow UOG students is to invest in doing a placement year. Talking from my experiences, I have grown beyond my wildest expectations, met some incredible people, and learnt so much more than going straight into final year. It has also improved my CV after university, and most importantly, I have learnt more about myself seeing different sides and exposing strengths I didn’t know I possessed. 

And in more good news, I have now been accepted back to QuoLux until my studies start in September too. 

Thank you to Bradley for this inspiring and positive placement story. If you’d like to discuss your placement options with us, please log into the Future Plan portal to book a virtual appointment.

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