No limits to work experience – with Unlimited Student Projects!

Where did Unlimited Student Projects come from?

As we headed into summer 2020 we were well into the first lockdown and saw first-hand the effect this had on our students, with placements for 2020/21 being cancelled or cut short. We could also see the impact Covid-19 was having on businesses across Gloucestershire and beyond.

The Your Future Plan team had an urgent discussion about how best to support you, our students, in gaining employability skills amidst all this uncertainty – what could this look like? Building on the successes of our old Internship Programme, we came up with the Unlimited Student Projects. We wanted to offer opportunities which were flexible and open so that we could reach as many of you as possible – and keep it accessible to encourage providers to offer opportunities.

Projects are designed to be win-win

All Unlimited Student Projects are designed to be learning opportunities for you and to provide experience – but at the same time these are projects that have a real-life impact on the provider’s output and goals. We try to make sure that all projects are structured with this balance in mind. Whilst we have provided guidelines on the duration of projects, some can exceed or come under the hours – and as long as both parties are happy with this, and it doesn’t impact your studies, then this flexibility can prove valuable!

If you are concerned about committing to a certain number of hours a week, don’t worry – this shouldn’t be a barrier to getting involved. Working patterns can be agreed beforehand, and projects can be designed to provide autonomy for you to work independently to the brief. It’s really important though that support from the provider is always there should you need it – and the YFP team will help facilitate this support.

What projects are on offer?

We have currently advertised 11 opportunities, and have placed 6 students across 4 different projects. These projects have a range of aims from being involved in Equality and Inclusion at UoG, to supporting the Chaplaincy in widening their student reach, to creating information videos that form part of the employability curriculum.

Further opportunities are in the pipeline and we hope we can share these projects with you before the Christmas break. We are also looking at expanding the Unlimited Student Projects to a wider variety of external providers. Gloucester City Council have led the way here, offering a 12-month virtual project focusing on improving equality within Gloucester itself. This project would be fantastic for students to be involved in and will look amazing on your CV too.

What’s the benefit to students?

As well as the obvious – get some work experience to build skills, contacts and give your CV a boost – you can use these projects towards gaining your Gloucestershire Employability Award, a scheme designed to make you stand out from the crowd. Or you could use the projects towards a placement module instead.

Whatever your reasons for doing an Unlimited Student Project, you’ll end up with ski

Where can you find these opportunities, we hear you say? Right here! (All projects under the Unlimited Student Projects can be found on the portal. All you need to do, is selected ‘Student Projects’ in the job-type drop down and click search!)

Thanks to Ben Miles in the YFP Placements team, who oversees the Unlimited Student Projects and put together this blog post! Any questions about the projects? Email

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