What’s on

Here are some of the activities we will be offering this term. You are very welcome to join in with any of them. For the latest info please join the Chaplaincy WhatsApp group here. You can also drop into the lovely Sanctuary spaces we host on each campus whenever you like, with refreshments, comfortable seating and quiet areas. Scroll down to find out more about what we do and where we are.

Come for a dog walk with us… A great way to de-stress, meet others and get some dog time! We meet on Mondays at Park at 12.30pm outside the Sanctuary, on Tuesdays at Oxstalls at 12.30pm outside the Business School, and on Fridays in Cheltenham at 12.30pm either at FCH Chapel or outside the Laurie Lee Building at Pittville (text Jo on 07801 183620 to join the WhatsApp group). Also on Fridays you can join Jo’s dogs in the Sanctuary at Pittville from 11-12.30 or at Park from 2-4pm for Dogs and Donuts.

Everybody Sing! is on Wednesdays from 12.30pm – 1.15pm in FCH Chapel. Join us for 45 mins of fun singing to brighten your day! To join the WhatsApp group text Simon on 07715 041525.

Would you like to help us develop our lovely Peace Garden at Oxstalls? We meet at 2.00pm on Wednesdays in the Sanctuary before going out for some gentle gardening, and then sharing cake around the firepit. Text Sarah to join the WhatsApp group: 07795 302687.

Our Global Cafe is a great way for international and home students to get together. We meet on Wednesdays from 5pm – 6.30pm, for cooking, games, chat and special events. We alternate between Park and Oxtalls campuses – for more information about the programme and the venues check out the Chaplaincy WhatsApp group. Also for international students and others at Oxstalls: Sports activities on Mondays 3 – 5pm in the sports hall opposite the Sanctuary.

Cake and Chat – share some great cake and talk about all sorts of things… how lovely! Join us on Mondays at FCH Chapel at 5.00pm. Or how about Soup and Chat? On Tuesdays in Park Sanctuary between 12.30 and 1.30pm – great soup, cookies and company. If you’re at Oxstalls you can come along to our friendly Soup Circle on Thursdays from 4.45 – 6pm in the Sanctuary.

At Big Questions Lunch you can share ideas and a free lunch with students from different backgrounds and beliefs – every Wednesdays from 1 – 2pm in Park Sanctuary.

If you fancy a little quiet meditation to start the day, we have 15 Minute Mindfulness on Tuesdays from 8.45-9am in Park Sanctuary and Thursdays from 9-9.15am in Pittville Sanctuary. Open to everyone – no experience necessary and no booking required. For more info text Jo on 07801 183620.

There are opportunities for prayer and reflection. There is a simple Communion service in one of the Sanctuaries on most Thursdays at 12.30pm – email Simon for venue info here. There is also a monthly Catholic Mass, and a monthly gathering for worship for the African Students Fellowship – email Simon for more info. At Oxstalls Sanctuary on Thursdays from 12.30 – 2.00pm Sarah will host a Quiet Lunchtime. Jo will be heading for Morning Prayer at a local church near Park Campus followed by coffee on the Bath Road on Monday mornings and there is also a group for Exploring Christianity on Friday mornings – email jparkin@glos.ac.uk for more details.

Friday Prayers for Muslim students and staff is led by Atique Miah at Oxstalls Sanctuary at 1.00pm . Contact Atique on 07801 676977 to find out about the prayer rooms in our Sanctuaries, and about our Muslim Union, also known as Islamic Society.

Our wider Chaplaincy Team

We have a wider team with Associate Chaplains and Faith Advisors from a range of faiths. You might also be interested in the student societies for Jewish Students and for Catholic Students. Email Simon for more info.

Our Sanctuaries are lovely spaces with comfy sofas for chatting, quiet corners and free tea and coffee. Here’s where you can find them (and us!):

The Sanctuary@FCH – by the Chapel.    Simon Witcombe is based there. There’s also the Small Sanctuary at FCH next to Reception with a prayer room and social space.

The Sanctuary@Park – by the Medical Centre. Jo Parkin is usually based there.

The Sanctuary@Oxstalls – opposite the Sports Hall. Sarah Rogaly and Atique Miah are based there.

The Sanctuary@Pittville – in the Laurie Lee building. Jon Travers is our volunteer chaplain there, and Jo is there on Friday afternoons.

We are always up for a chat – we’re good listeners! Send us an email or a text…

Simon Witcombe  switcombe@glos.ac.uk  07715 041525 

Jo Parkin  jparkin@glos.ac.uk  07801 183620  

Sarah Rogaly  srogaly@glos.ac.uk  07795 302687  (Tues – Thurs )

Atique Miah  amiah3@glos.ac.uk  07801 676977  (Mon/Weds/Fri)