Category: Autumn 2023


The Rise of Contactless Technology: Will Face-to-Face Connectivity Become Obsolete?

Elon Musk said, “There will come a point where no job is needed”. Actually, if technology has the ability to do things more accurately and faster, why do we need humans? It cannot be denied that technology plays…


The elimination of Global Hotels by Boutique Hotels in the Generation Z segmentation

Boutique hotels and global hotels are always two inconclusive choices for young people, especially Generation Z today when choosing a place to travel. Each individual will have reasons for their choice and each type of hotel will have…


Gen Z’s Disruption: Redefining Hospitality Workplace Culture.

Lying in the essence of meeting and exceeding customers expectation, the hospitality industry places high emphasis on standards and procedures in its serving manner. However, the customs of the industry is being disrupted by the new wave of…