The University of Gloucestershire has been delivering degree programmes in Events, Hotel and Tourism Management for over 10 years, offering tailored educational courses.

We offer a diverse range of programmes allowing students to experience particular areas of Events Management work such as business, celebration and special events, music or sports.

In addition we provide students of International Hospitality and Tourism Management opportunities to develop and manage outstanding customer experiences from industry-experienced staff.

All students gain the essential core skills of human resources, financial, marketing, and business management.

A group of final year students have been following a course on Contemporary Issues in Events, Hotel and Tourism Management as part of their studies. A summary of their work is displayed here.

You can find out more about our courses here:

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We are very proud of the fantastic work that our students achieve, both during their studies and professional careers, and this blog demonstrates the enthusiasm, insight, creativity and flair that they bring to their work. We would also like to thank Chantal Laws who first created the concept for this blog.

We very much hope you enjoy this blog and please do leave us your thoughts on their contributions.

Many thanks,

Alan Marvell, Senior Lecturer in Events Management