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Balancing the Moral Scale of Events: When is it time to say no?

Event managers design and create unforgettable experiences across the world every day, many of which contribute significantly to the economic wealth of their host cities and towns. However, it comes to a point where the economic benefits need […]

  Spring 2015 20 March 2017  

Is Face/2/Face Networking Nearing Extinction?

Are the recent advances in technology causing event professionals to favour online networking over face-to-face meetings? If so, what does this mean for the future of networking?

  Spring 2015 9 March 2015  

Hurtful or Harmless?

Is it an event manager’s moral duty to make sure people are not offended by the actions and behaviours of attendees at festivals? Wearing adaptions of Native American headdresses and Hindu Bindis has been identified as offensive to […]

  Spring 2015 9 March 2015  

Are You Prepared?

Do you feel that your event is protected from a terrorist attack? This video contains an outline of terrorism and its effects on the event industry. Please take a few minutes to watch this video and reflect on […]

  Spring 2015 9 March 2015  

Event Corruption: Money or Morals?

Is corruption so ingrained into the heart of major events that it can no longer be stopped? It’s no secret that corruption has existed in mega events for decades, the actions of FIFA dating back to 1989 support this […]

  Spring 2015 9 March 2015  

The Live Experience: The Memory or The Moment?

A sea of mobile devices in the air during a live performance is now an increasingly common sight, becoming woven into the fabric of our consumption of events. Does the use of mobile devices improve the live performance […]

  Spring 2015 9 March 2015  

Do your events team know how to respond to a terrorist threat?

** CAUTION – THIS PAGE MAY CONTAIN SENSITIVE MATERIAL ON THE TOPIC OF TERRORISM ** Across the world and throughout the media we are regularly reminded about unpredicted perils that have the potential for destruction of our everyday […]

  Spring 2015 9 March 2015  


It is stated that human behaviour is a lot less reliable than machine capabilities; therefore it is a lot easier to trick a person than it is to trick a computer. Within any organisation procedures and policies must […]

  Spring 2015 9 March 2015  

Stamp Out The Tout

Tickets for sold-out events regularly appear on the secondary ticket market at hugely inflated prices. Why is this? Touts bulk buy event tickets with the intention to resell them to make a profit. What does this mean? One […]

  Spring 2015 9 March 2015  

Are You Appy or Un-Appy?

Event organisers are convinced that their mobile apps will enhance your experience and deliver unique networking opportunities at the next business event that you attend. They suggest that by failing to embrace this technology, you will not receive […]

  Spring 2015 9 March 2015